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Medical marijuana public policy.

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30 April 2006

My Public Policy on Medical Marijuana

If I were to write a policy on the use of Medical Marijuana , I would absolutely advocate it , within the given guidelines . I would further make it a Federal Law so the State and Federal Government do not waste so much time warring ' with one another on adoption and implementation of policy on this particular subject . This is what my policy would contain

The federal government will grow and distribute the marijuana

necessary to supply the medical needs of those with valid prescriptions from a centrally located company in the United States

The government will use non-toxic coloring agents in bright , easily identifiable colors , that the dried marijuana leaves will then be sprayed with to designate them as medical marijuana . There will be three distinct colors used , one for each of the three different strengths

The Federal Government will then package the medical marijuana into pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes in the three varying strengths , each clearly marked with strength as well as a designation of the distribution center then send them out to pharmacies throughout the United States , using the same controls as are currently in place with other pain medications such as morphine or oxycodone

Each patient will be required to have a physician 's prescription for medical marijuana just as with any prescribed drug . The written prescription will contain the following

A . Patient 's Name

B . Date of Issue

C . Physician 's name , address and phone number

D . Requires annual renewal

E . Individual strength as designated by different colors The medical marijuana will be clearly differentiated from recreational (and

illegal ) marijuana use by the distinctive coloring , thus saving the patient from false arrest or

imprisonment , and taking a serious burden away from the doctors who feel compelling reasons

for advocating the use of medical marijuana . It will make it easier for law enforcement personnel

to distinguish between those using marijuana as a recreational drug and those using it for medical


The beauty of this policy , at least from the federal government 's point of view , is they can tax the medical marijuana to their heart 's content they are in complete control of growing and distributing it , the medical marijuana can be grown by FDA licensed producers , as well as grown organically and safely under controlled conditions , thus ensuring a product free of adulterants and a richer , happier government

The individual states are free , of course , to enact stricter laws , but not to put into place more lax or generous laws than those of the Federal Government

There are questions propounded by those against legalizing medical marijuana and they should , of course , be addressed . Seemingly the first and foremost burning question of the day is Is Marijuana too dangerous to be used as a medicine

The answer is fairly straightforward . While marijuana is far from a benign substance and is , in fact , a fairly powerful drug with a range of effects...

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