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Medical Records Security

Medical Records Security


In a service-related health care organization , having a staff to patient ratio of approximately 1 :100 , it is very significant to take a look into , as well as , assess the quality of security of patient medical records in to be able to provide more detailed ideas , strategies as well as , recommendations to the management of the aforementioned service-related health care organization . This will tackle the following : 1 ) the technological threats the service-related health care organization may face 2 ) the information contained in electronic medical records that

needs to be protected 3 ) the products available to deter security threats as well as 4 ) the actions to be carried out in to keep the organization 's medical records secure

Technological Threats a Health Care Organization may Encounter

There are actually several technological threats that a service-related health care organization may encounter . Some of the most typical ones resulting from a technical problem are the following : 1 ) access to patient information by a clinical personnel at any given place or setting may no longer be doable 2 ) inaccurate and incomplete claims processing by insurance companies may occur 3 ) building of automated checks for drug and allergy interactions will be beyond reach 4 clinical notes may not be retrieved 5 ) prescriptions may not be seen if double-checks and verifications are necessitated 6 ) scheduling may become unsystematic 7 ) sending to and viewing by laboratories of electronic medical records will be stopped and last but not least 8 invasion of medical privacy may happen (The , 2006

Information Contained in Electronic Medical Records Needing Protection

Furthermore , patient 's access to records cannot just be made , providing of information to third parties is illegal , and refusal to disclose should be strictly followed unless summons , subpoenas , as well as , court s are presented (The , 2006 . This is simply because there are several significant information contained in electronic medical records that need extreme protection and these include the following : 1 personal information of the patient /s 2 ) copies of withdrawal of consent /conditional consent provided by the patient /s 3 ) copies of inability to provide consent due to incapacity 4 ) personal information of deceased individuals 5 ) personal information of minor patients , as well as , minor patients of separated patients (The , 2006

Products Available to Deter Security Threats

Moreover , there are several ways and products available to deter security threats aforementioned . Some of the most popular ones are the following

One is the utilization of a secure authentication system to access patient records (Krawczyk et . al , n .d . Such a secure authentication system may be made possible through biometric-based access or providing on-line signature , as well as , voice modalities (Krawczyk et . al n .d . The aforementioned makes possible the verification through the utilization of the dynamic programming technique of string matching (Krawczyk et . al , n .d

Another one is for the creator and custodian of the electronic medical record to keep an eye to it (Krawczyk et . al , n .d .The management should constantly...

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