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How Media Portrays family and the Empirical Significance on the family structure.

Running Head : Family as portrayed in mass media

Analyzing mass media 's portrayal and depiction of Family

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Through the years , the role played by media generated socially relevant and noteworthy impacts to society . Because of exposes and investigative reports , several high-prod and ranking individuals or personalities were forced to exit the limelight . The scandals and controversies that they

went through were simply too much to bear . Whether such situations were intentional or unintentional , still it cannot be denied that media 's appeal and effects cannot be easily dismissed . On the other hand , media channels are also responsible for providing much needed information to the public . Every single day , it has been a habit for many to enjoy their favorite news programs . Others , who do not have the luxury of time , rely on newss and online news sites to keep on track and remain aware of the important issues of their respective communities . In recent years , being informed is a necessity rather than a mere caprice of one 's intellectual vanity . As information channels there is no doubt that mass media has also assume the role of educating and indoctrinating many . However , if there is one thing wherein media is readily recognized - it is its capacity to bring pleasure and entertainment right in the very portals or domain 's of one 's house While this may sound too superficial or critical about media 's function and importance , providing momentary relaxation and enjoyment is one of the fundamental reasons behind the continuous survival of different media institutions

Mass media are not created out of a vacuum . Aside from man 's desire to communicate and express himself , mass media also serve as the bread and butter of various business tycoons . Yes , it cannot be denied the fact that media are also business establishments or organizations that are aiming towards corporate-related goals and attributions , rather than maintaining its role as the public 's herald and opinion platforms . This also best explains why different media establishments use mass appeal as one of the most important factors to consider in producing various kinds of media content . As a result , various kinds of media-related products are often characterized by their mediocrity and artificiality . There are instances wherein media representations of reality are way to exaggerated or romanticized . The situations and events that are presented seem be too imaginary and does not really articulate the happenings of the real world . Like plain pictures , reality , as shown in mass media channels , such as the newss , radio and most especially in films and television programs are often sanitized . The situations and events that are actually happening in the real world are readily modified to capture the public 's attention and therefore garner high ratings and a pool of advertisers . On one hand , this aspect is something that commonly...

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