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Mcdonalds success in use of functional areas


Mc Donald 's restaurants are ubiquitous around the globe . Kroc once said is as good as all of us ' And through this , he proved that he couldn 't have harvested the golden grains of success without his team of complementary talents ' With the surge of articles and books proclaiming Mc Donald 's Corporation 's success at the helm of fast-food industry , how did they reach victory and what particular areas on the company facilitated multi-task responsibilities in for the company to advance ahead of their league ? As they are celebrating

a strong 52 years of existence , Mc Donald 's has become the apotheosis of fast-food business franchising excellence , as this can be proven not only because of their financial stability but also because of their continuous international business expansion . This study focuses on the manifold duties held by Mc Donald 's top brass , pioneer management team and their contributions to the claim of the company as the leading empire of business franchising in the world , according to Thomas McCraw 's book American Business , 1920-2000 : How It Worked

The Finance Department

Held under the supervision of Harry Sonneborn in 1950s , the Finance section of McDonald 's capitalized on clever revenue earning measures to put up the franchising kingdom . Sonneborn was working as finance and realty officer at the same time . Using the Sandwich lease ' system where the company leased to the original owner of the land then marked-up the franchisees ' rent on a 20 year term lease , Sonneborn was able to draw capital from this to eventually own the land in favour of the company . Out of it , he created the Franchise Realty Corporation that organized the search for prospective land for new unit franchisee . Also he initially borrowed large sum of money from insurance companies , which gave him the idea to open the company for shareholding , and sooner enrolled in the New York Stock Exchange in 1965 . Sonneborn found himself the money maker ' as he executed the role of financial , realty , and stock exchange officer in one

The Human Resources and Product Research Team

Dubbed as The Vice President of Equilibrium ' June Marino started as Secretary Treasurer and Board Member of Ray Kroc 's company in 1945 , and turned key recruiter ' under Mc Donald 's Corporation . She was the head-hunter in charge of pursuing potential franchisees . Her husband Lou Martino , managed the research for food and equipment technology which contributed greatly to the consistent quality of the company 's products . Later , he supervised the overall food production

The Training and Operations Group

The founding CEO of Mc Donald 's Corporation , Ray Kroc , had in his territory his successor , who in the longest time contributed effectively to the success of operations and training : Fred Turner . Kroc 's QSC (Quality , Service , and Cleanliness ) standard was religiously imposed by Turner in all McDonald 's franchised stores . The QSC reputation honoured them with the surge of franchisees who found this system to profit Further , Kroc 's policy of decentralization ' and Turner...

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