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McDonalds-Business Ethics

Rewrapping the Big Mac


McDonald 's Corporation has a clear code of ethics that governs its businesses . They are committed to it fully and have staff that follow up on its implementation and conformance . This code of ethics spells out many issues that the respective restaurant heads are audited against periodically by the internal and external mechanism . The code is a promise to abide by the standards of business conduct . They also promise to uphold integrity and and keep off potential conflicts that may be either private of public in

nature . The McDonald 's code of ethics also pledges to resolve any private or public conflict that may take the position of economic , political , social , financial and environmental stance (McDonald 's Corporation , 2006 , Online

McDonalds will also be transparent on the course of action that they use to resolve such conflict . In this case , they will be seeking to foster good relationship with all the stake holders . On the economic gains , McDonalds have the ethical responsibility of declaring the returns to the shareholders in accuracy , punctual , transparent and required depth . The promise to uphold the US and non US businesses regulations . The promise to act without malice , with reasonable care and with transparent facts that will not be affected by any second or third party pressure . The corporation cherishes business independence that they would like to demonstrate to any independent second party auditors (McDonald 's Corporation , 2006 , Online

McDonalds promises to make the right decisions and interpretations that are devoid of subordination . The code of ethics also binds the employees to maintain vital corporation confidentiality unless duly authorized . They have a promise that all employees will have good flow of communication . The will be regularly updating the shareholders of any financial matter that impact on the business . They encourage the employees to work ethically and be accountable at all times in terms of assets and resources management (McDonald 's Corporation , 2006 , Online The Case Study : Rewrapping the Big Mac

McDonalds was prompted to make the abrupt decision of switching from the clamshell polystyrene hamburger boxes wrap to wrap due to environmental concerns . There were consumer concerns that the polystyrene wraps were polluting the environment even if the company had been able to recycle them in the past . They were now holding the opinion that the wrap were more environmentally sound (Shaw and Barry 2007 ,

. 597

McDonalds was forced to reverse this long time policy so quickly due to several reasons . First , there were aware of the developments that had occurred at their competition , the Minute Maid who were caught up in an environmental campaign fiasco . The McDonalds learned that the Minute Maid were trying to drive a campaign for cleaner environment yet their packaging was in fact not conforming at all McDonalds knew that they were in the same shoes and sooner or later they were going to face the same fate (Shaw and Barry , 2007 ,

. 597

Second , McDonalds corporation claimed , through the McDonalds US...

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