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Matthew Arnolds `Dover Beach`


Dover Beach ' is well celebrated poem written by Mathew Arnold and is being regarded as one of the thought provoking poems written during the Victorian era and during the late 19th century . Arnold is long-familiar for revealing his social critical ideas and thoughts pertaining to modern world into this poem . Dover Beach ' by Mathew Arnold explains how society is being misled by its perceptions . Fundamentally , this poem is about sea and a beach , but there exists still deeper significance that can be unearthed through deeper assessment . In

Dover Beach Arnold has used symbolisms , similes , technical attributes , allusiveness and imagery mainly to illustrate the narrator 's perception between what is real and what is observed or seen . Arnold has illustrated the plight of the Victorian era through narrator of the poem . During the Victorian era , industrial revolution was commenced and many new industries were started and as a result , there was free flow of money and much value had been added to the economy . It is to be recalled that only during Victorian era , atheism was spread .[ Baum 11]

Mathew Arnold illustrated the perplexity , conflict and misery of an era that was ensnarled by a period of changeover . In his poem , Arnold stresses to his lover to remain to true to one another . He also raised a question whether it is easy to remain true when the world is changing fast and is full of delusion and vagueness . Arnold is of the view that there is no immediate escape from an issue and certainly no escape from the world we reside in . [Schow 26]

In his poem Dover Beach ' Arnold was looking for an answer to the issues which was being faced by him and by the world too . Thus , Arnold concerned with gloominess of the civilization lost , look forward to its future and try to find out a solution to the issue

The narrator of the poem starts promptly with auditory and visual imagery when portraying the sea is calm . Arnold is taking the readers by narrating about the calm , beautiful night and the silent sea with the moon light shining in full brim . This illustration implies that there exists a life out there but it is suppressed by darkness . And the cliff is sparkling in the moonlight . The narrator invites his accompanying person to get nearer to the window to feel the cool night air . He comments that thin as the unending wave get in and get out again and again . His sentiment brings sensation of sorrow . The narrator comments that even Sophocles , an eminent Greek scholar even heard the narrator 's eternal sadness . Sea is raging a relentless tussle with the shores as it dashes the shore and immediately shrinking back . Narrator here compares the sea 's effort as that of struggles in life with ever decreasing desires . [Schow .27]

Narrator uses an excellent metaphor to denote faith of all people as the faith of the sea ' Though , in the initial stage...

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