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Matrix and Gender




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Gender in the Matrix

The Matrix became one of the most notable films released in 1999 which provided rich visual effects and a thrilling storyline . Most of the scenes from this film play within the context of the future , a visual offering of year 2199 wrapped in virtual reality where machines govern and control human actions . Though the film deals with the relationship between machines and humans , every character in the plot represents an underlying gender-related interaction . Since the film basically revolves on

the cyber world in the form of a simulation created by machines gender specific plots are not explicitly conveyed throughout the whole duration of The Matrix . The following discussion will focus on some of the gender dynamics present within the film . The will analyze some parts of the film where norms of gender are either contradicted or affirmed

As previously mentioned , the world in which the main characters believed to be real , is manipulated by intelligent machines . These machines utilized human body heat to convert into energy while they control human behaviors within the matrix . In the general sense machines are considered as a non-living thing created by man and from this perspective , machines do not have a specific gender . In this film they can be considered as androgynous , the Agents who can take any virtual body for their usage is an example on how the machines in this film are androgynous . Contrary to the real world , these androgynous machines have...

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