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Masters degree application essays

Essay 1 (1 ,000 words

Describe your career progress to date and your future short-term and long-term goals . How do you expect an MBA to help you achieve these goals , and why is now the best time for you to join our program


A master is ever , but a learner , goes an old Chinese saying . The same is true for any man , no one may call himself a master who believes he knows all there is about his subject . In today 's ever changing globalized-world , a true master must continue learning

if he is to remain competitive . I do not claim to be a master trader . However , I too believe in the value of higher learning

After graduating high school , and having worked for two summers in a large investment bank , I started my own investment management firm at the tender age of 19 . With the help of a few angel investors who entrusted me with 50 ,000 each , I not only significantly grew their investments but the profits from my business were sufficient to fund my four years of university studies AND finance my travel to several countries mentoring high school children and visiting mentoring programs outside of the USA

In my travels I raised money for the university which I attended During and after my tenure in the university I was served the role of their European ambassador . I have also done the same work for several non-profit organizations such as ABC , DEF , and GHI , all of which focus on the mentoring and training of leadership skills to high school students for them to become better community leaders

My leadership in a community oriented NGO is different from the type of leadership I exercise at work . In my business the objective is to maximize the value of our investor 's money . Success is measured by the growth in their investments and the increased trust this generates . By comparison Ulpan is about giving educational opportunities to predominantly Jewish high school students . ORT is very similar in its goals . My hard work is rewarded by seeing our beneficiaries motivated and eager to take the path of higher education as a means to success The drastically different metrics of my community service broadens my horizon as a leader

My current job trading at an investment firm , I improved their existing procedures for monitoring our market positions during volatile periods and developed a pop-up ' system to handle trades more efficiently and make decisions faster . I made an immediate impact . We are now able to monitor approximately 10 of our daily volume and take property risk management decisions in a fast and volatile market where time is of the essence

Using my native insight I found an opportunity for growth in the company . However , I faced the inertia associate with any kind of meaningful change . Despite the cost of lost , personal , man hours . I pushed my plan past the bureaucracy offering potential benefits that far outweighed the costs of the project . Taking...

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