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Masterpieces of english literature

Masterpieces of English Literature

The world of English literature has produced many diverse and astoundingly amazing works . Two of the most hailed pieces of literature to have graced the lives of readers throughout the ages are Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight . These two poems have been around for a great number of years and have created many ripples across the lake of time . Despite its ancient roots , Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight continue to be regarded as two the greatest masterpieces of English literature


essay will try to show the impact that these two different poems have had on English literature . It will show that despite the age of both poems , they continue to be relevant up to this very day . This essay will show that it is very much important to continue the reading , the study and the appreciation of these works , Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight , as well as the other masterful pieces of English literature that have been available to schools and readers for a very long time


Let us first dissect the epic poem , Beowulf , before we continue with the discussion of the importance of these two pieces . Beowulf was believed to have been written around the time 700 A .D . by an Anglo-Saxon poet . To this day , no one truly knows who wrote the poem but the last surviving manuscript of the poem was found to date back to the time 1000 A .D . and was speculated to have been in the hand of two different scribes . The original manuscript of Beowulf was written in the vernacular , Old English (Melissa , 1997

The importance of this piece to the entirety of English literature is both very simple and complex . To put it straightforwardly , Beowulf is the oldest surviving poem to have been written in Old English . This is of great importance because all of the poems recovered from that era were found to have been written in Latin (Anonymous , 2006

The importance of Beowulf in English literature , and in fact to the whole of world literature , is very clear even up to this very day Because of the wars and battles raging across Europe in those earlier decades , very few literary manuscripts were able to survive . Beowulf , in fact , is the beacon and representative of the meager ten percent of the poetry written in Old English that have survived up to today (Meyerhoff , 2006 ) What sets Beowulf apart from its other very few Old English counterparts is that it is an epic poem . In Britain , it has been accepted as a national epic . This is despite the debates and contestations regarding its merits as an epic poem

The mere fact that Beowulf has survived time and history and is available to us today among the very small population of Old English works is enough to prod us to continue in our appreciation and study of the piece . But another importance of the literary piece remains...

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