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Master of Science in Nursing Admission Essay

SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 The reasons that I wish to pursue a Masters of Science in Nursing are many . I have been practicing as a nurse since I graduated with an associate of nursing degree in 1997 from Miami-Dade College . For three years I worked as an Emergency Room Nurse and it was during that time that my passion for the vocation of nursing truly bloomed . In 2001 I opened my own business , a long term care pharmacy and since then have slowly been taking classes in pursuit of my Bachelors degree

at Florida International University . Through this experience I have learned the value of keeping to one 's dreams and persevering . Despite the fact it has taken me some time to obtain my Bachelors degree , it has only inspired me to continue on to get my Masters so I can expand my knowledge of the nursing profession and all that it entails . A Masters degree would also help me in my future career goals and aspirations , which is to be able to help more people

Nursing is one of the most important professions that one can aspire to because it is a career that requires far more than simply an education even though the knowledge acquired from a degree is extremely important and necessary because of the laws and regulations that rule nursing . A career in nursing requires someone to have compassion , empathy , and care for others , especially those who are suffering from pain and illness . It is a career of humanity , and it is this that first attracted me to a Masters degree in Nursing . My philosophy about nursing is that it is a career that one has to work hard for , but also a career that a person needs to have to a natural affinity for . I also believe that in to be an excellent nurse one must have a commitment to helping others . The ability to be a compassionate , caring nurse is what I hope to bring to the Masters degree in Nursing , and the knowledge and experience of the instructors , and the well-planned program is what I plan to get from it . In terms of my professional goals and aspirations , my plan is to acquire my Masters degree in Nursing , specializing as a Family Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner . With this degree , I can continue to conduct my long term care pharmacy business and expand it to include a small clinic where I can offer healthcare services such as treatment examinations , counseling and prescriptions . This clinic would give me the opportunity to have a strong presence within the community , a commitment that is very important to me , and I would be able to offer the best patient service available . I would be able to help others who are in need of healthcare but possibly not comfortable going to a doctor , or not able to for some reason or another . When treating prescribing medication , and referring patients I will work in conjunction with local collaborating...

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