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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


`I have been working for straight 12 hours trying to revise my on use of ICT in mathematics teaching . My back aches , and my arms , feet and body as well are tired . When I went home , I asked my daughter to massage my back , arms and hands . I resorted to an age-old solution to my body 's pains and aches

Archeologists have found ancient Egyptian paintings of people having massage 3 ,000 years before Christ (A Brief History of Massage Therapy 2006 . People , through the centuries , have used

various forms of massage therapy to heal their bodies and ease their pains . Ancient Greeks and Romans used massage in their homes and in their bathhouses However , its popularity declined after the fall of the Roman Empire . It regained its popularity when Dr . Per Henrik Ling , in 19th century developed the Swedish massage . Since then , the use of massage therapy has become part and parcel of everyday life all over the world

The American Massage Therapy Association claims that consumers interested in alternative health care choose massage therapy approximately 80 percent of the time . Statistics in 2000 reported that nearly one in every five Americans received a professional massage which translate to a combined US 5 billion spent for these visits (Massage Therapy Statistics , 2006 . Instead of a pill or two to ease the pain , a consumer is seeking natural alternatives to health care and massage therapy is one of them

Massage Therapy : Definition , Advantages /Benefits and Types

According to Cambridge Family YMCA , Massage Therapy is an age-old form of healing that helps the body in many different ways (n .d ) Massage has been used by all people of all cultures since long ago to improve one 's general health and vitality . According to Holistic Massage Therapy (2002 , therapeutic massage relieves muscle tension and soreness increases blood circulation enhances deep relation relieves stress and anxiety and thus improve immune function increases mobility and flexibility improves digestion increases mental clarity improves sleep releases unexpressed emotions and heightens one ' awareness of mind-body connection

People of all ages can benefit from massage therapy , including infants children and senior citizens . Individuals going through stressful situation , athletes , pregnant women , people who sit or stand for long periods of time as well as anyone desiring to improve health and well being can benefit from massage therapy (Holistic Massage Therapy , 2002

According to Massage Therapy Schools (2006 , there are more than one hundred different types of massage and body work styles . It enumerated 11 of the predominant styles used in the majority of American clinics These are acupressure , aromatherapy , deep tissue massage , healing touch myofascial release massage , Qi Gong massage , reflexology , Shiatsu massage , Swedish massage , Thai massage and zero balancing massage Moreover , sports massage , infant massage , prenatal massage (Moore , 2006 and neuromuscular therapy (Castello Castello ) are gaining fast ground .Acupressure originated from ancient China . It uses the same specific points in acupuncture which are called the meridians . Pressure is applied on these points using the...

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