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Masculinity vs Femininity

Masculinity versus femininity

According to Hofstede Masculinity is just opposite to femininity and together they make one of the aspects of national cultures . Masculinity refers to the society that has completely different social gender roles Men are expected to be more moderate , tender and concerned with the quality of life (Source : Hofstede , page 262

Whereas , femininity refers to the society where gender roles extend beyond this perception and where both men and women are expected to be moderate , tender and concerned with the quality of life (Hofstede , page 261


and femininity stands for gender roles not for physical characteristics . Hofstede 's views on masculinity and femininity show his traditional outlook . As according to him masculine nature fits in assertiveness , toughness and competition and the feminine role fits in home and children , people and tenderness . He also accepts that in different cultures different kinds of professions are controlled by different genders . For example , In Soviet Union , the women are in medical profession while in The U .S . men dominate this profession (Kriszta , 2006

But in masculine cultures these traditions are firmly preserved , while it is difficult feminine culture to maintain this division and it goes beyond it where both men and women can show modesty and tenderness and similarly they are concerned with the quality of life and material success (Kriszta , 2006

Traditional masculine work aims for recognition , earnings , challenge and advancement while , traditional feminine work aims for maintaining good relations with everyone in the society like peers , supervisors , good living and working conditions and also the job security (Kriszta , 2006

According to Hofstede 's dimension following are some typical masculinity index values . Here high value shows the strong masculine culture (Kriszta , 2006

95 Japan

79 Austria

63 South Africa

62 USA

53 Arab countries

05 Sweden

The masculinity and femininity aspects highlight that how different cultures do not discriminate in gender roles . The candidates of masculine cultures desire to be go-getting and want to outshine . In workplaces the employees appreciate their work very much and encourage them to achieve their goals . For masculinity big and fast is beautiful while feminine culture is different from the masculine culture . They like quality of life and for them it is important to help others . For them working is important to earn money to survive . They are helping in their both lives whether business or private lives . They are also sympathized who are in dilemma . For femininity small and slow is beautiful

Masculinity vs . Femininity in Things Fall Apart

If the main idea of the story is seen it is a tragedy but the original idea of this story is masculinity vs . femininity . There is a conflict between Ibo and the British . The Ibo are an agrarian people who are patriarchal and the Okonkwo who is the protagonist has solid thoughts

Ibo emphasizes on traditional values and respect . The two cultures do not have any common background . The lack of common language between Okonkwo and Ibo interrupts in religious , cultural and legal appreciation...

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