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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein (Penguin Classics book)The transformation of the monster s character

p The Transformation of the Monster 's Character Mary Shelly 's Frankenstein is an allegorical novel that raises many issues plaguing the modern world

The novel opens with a backdrop of Arctic Circle , and a lone man traveling alone in the freezing cold . The man is Victor Frankenstein and the man who spots him is the captain of the ship Walton , who is facing a snag in his ship while traveling through the ice bound region Symbolically it transmits a predicament of Captain Walton and Victor 's tale of warped passion

. His perverted brutality drives him to tamper with alchemy and science , and he sets about to create a living creature hoping to be a god

He uses his knowledge of the means by which inanimate objects could be infused with life . In such an experiment lies his desire to be the creator of a marvel , never done by any man before . He was also compelled by his ever curious mind and his desire to experiment with the concepts of life and death , natural science and alchemy , that was the reason of his bizarre experimentation

He picked up body parts from slaughterhouses and although he intended the creation to be beautiful , he fails in putting together the right kind of mechanism to apply

The result is a grotesque looking monster that repels him enormously the moment he sets his sight on it

He rejects , tries to ward off the contact with his creation , and runs away from him

The monster that he created was a harmless creature initially , but turned into a fiend when thwarted by Victor

The fact of the matter is that when Victor Frankenstein created his `Creature , little did he know that this harmless looking creature is going to turn into his nemesis

He was a man possessed by the desire to create something that would put him at par with a godlike stature , and despite being reprimanded by his professor had gone ahead with his curious researches

Perhaps Mary Shelly imagined this story to acquiesce with her own desires for a child , and in creating a monster , she had portrayed her fears and anxieties of her own creative and reproductive abilities . She also had personal fears regarding her giving birth to an ugly and unlovable child

The Novel also can be read as an allegorical belief that a child cannot be created without a mother , and it prophesies the notion of what happens to a child if he is born without a mother . It can also be looked at with a different angle , which considers that a child cannot be brought up without love and affection if he does , he turns into an ogre

Such a perception was also elaborated in Patrick Suskind 's `Perfume where the protagonist Grenouille had suffered alienation and hatred in his childhood and turns into a murderer who has no qualms in committing the crime . He is not a monster by birth , but turns into one because his own mother had tried...

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