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Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates

Philosophies of Martin Luther King Jr . and Socrates

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Philosophies of Martin Luther King Jr . and Socrates

Both Socrates and Martin Luther have inspired humanity to act in a way that is right and have shown that one should be prepared to give every thing in the pursuit of their goals and in upholding one 's principles These individuals were both determined to see changes in society in a bid to eliminate oppression and lead to liberating not only from tyranny

br but from psychological bondage that sought to front certain classes of people as being superior to others . History therefore serves to show us that though a path towards greatness is filled with several obstacles and temptations , we should rise beyond self interest and strive to achieve what we truly believe to be right : for as the bible says what benefit is the whole world if you loose your soul

Socrates is thought to be the most influential and interesting thinker the world has ever had especially during the fifth century . This attribute came upon his realization that though man was capable of knowing so much , what he didn 't know was infinitely much more than what he perceived to be his scope of knowledge . Moreover he sought real and practical knowledge and not just mere victories over his opponents Though he was known for his excellent communication skills and public lecturing techniques , Socrates never wrote anything and therefore most of...

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