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Marrying Absura by Joan Didion `Summarize and Evaluate`

Running head : MARRYING ABSURD

Marrying Absurd

Summary Evaluation

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Joan Didion essays were always about America and all the intimate little things that were back in the 60s .Our essay "Marrying Absurd " is just a sign " Big Blinking sign " announcing that you are coming to Las Vegas ,and you are welcomed . The subject here is our dream moment " marriage and how it has turned to be , when you visit Las Vegas , from Didion 's point of view

p Introduction "Marrying Absurd " is a unique essay , discussing Las Vegas back in the 60s .Along with other essays of Didion , is remarking American life more than any other writing of these times . Our essay is talking about one state , Calefornia .One particular town , Las Vegas , and only one subject marriage . With her unique writing style , Didion is making us laugh , but she also makes us cry in tears


In her essay collection " Slouching towards Bethlehem , Joan Didion talks about California in the 60s .Many pictures of these golden days are represented bravely by Didion 's Ironic , surprise narrative style

The title of the essay we are a bout here , has this kind of "self-speaking " effect . In "Marrying Absurd (Didion , 1968 ,

.80 , Didion describes the marriage process in Las Vegas , and shows that it is turning into a "service " like any other service given there in Las Vegas hotels . You can get married there while you are on a vacation . Marriage in Las Vegas is pronounced in a glance , in a 5 minutes or less . You can get married there any time you want . You do not even need any kind of obligations you just need to "swear "a bride must swear that she is eighteen or has parental permission and a bridegroom that he is twenty-one or has parental permission (p .80 ) [piece of cake] .In Vegas Men used marriage just to improve their draft status . Marriage level in Las Vegas reached its highest levels because of that , and there were one hundred and seventy-one couples became man and wife on August 26 , 1965 (p .80

Didion describes how huge blinking signs on the roads announce marriage services , describing how the nineteen wedding chapels in Las Vegas are competing to win your wedding ceremony (p .80

Marriage in Las Vegas is just like you visiting a casino and playing to win " Marriage , like a craps , is a game to be played when the table seems hot (p .81

By the end of this essay , Didion is giving us some hope .Las Vegas may get you some "real kind of marriage " with little of "niceness " made in few wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas Chapels (p .81

Didion end her essay with the same ironic techniques that she used in the beginning . A wedding party of a pregnant girl with her parents happy and proud .Even the bride began to cry just because , she is so happy (p .82...

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