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Married Life Vs. Bachelor life

Married Life 1

Married Life vs . Bachelor Life

When we speak of vocations in life , we often refer to religious consecration , marriage and single or bachelor life . Each of these circumstances has different meanings to different people . Oftentimes only marriage and bachelor life are considered since religious dedication is regarded as an eternal bond between man and God . Single life is given and prearranged because all of us are born initially single . Marriage life is a choice since one has the option to enter into a lifetime relationship with another or

remain un . The purpose then of comparing marriage and single life is not to defend which is a better vocation but for individuals to ponder and decide for themselves which is ideal for them . This is a subjective issue in that each one has his own perspective on married and bachelor life . In this regard , the comparison will be based on three aspects relative to the two vocations at hand namely social , economic and psychological

In terms of social issues , married couples and bachelors have the same social responsibilities but differ at some points . When one is single you can practically do whatever you wish . Unlike married couples , one should think deeply about making choices , whether decisions affect one 's spouse and children . Social life including fashion , beauty , society dining , real estate , weddings , and nightlife vary among married couples and singles . Most likely , the social life of the married is limited regardless of their capacity and values whereas the single can succumb themselves to these lifestyle choices . Married couples need to budget their time in to meet the needs of the family so much of these social facets are minimized if not singles decide on their own making social life very appropriate for them . They can attend any occasion conveniently without any worries of household members which require supervision and guidance

Married Life 2

Economically , married couples have a different way of spending compared to singles . The former most likely prioritize costs for the family and think more about the future . They tend to spend higher than bachelors on similar everyday expenditures . Though singles may think about the future as well , they tend however to spend solely for themselves like going to the gym , beauty parlors and spas , clothes and other luxury items Meanwhile , higher percentage of income of married couples usually goes to constructing or renting houses , furniture , household maintenance insurances , properties and saving for retirement compared to bachelors Couples with kids naturally have higher expenditures considering food clothing , shelter and education of their children while these matters do not bother singles

The psychological aspect of vocation is relative per individual . Some may believe that they will be happier if they are married while some others find single life to be more promising . Nevertheless , the kind of psychological well-being one gets out of marriage and singlehood shows some discrepancies . It actually depends upon the quality of relationship a couple have in their married life and the quality...

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