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Running Head : MARRIAGE



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Marriage is defined as the personal union , generally called matrimony , between two individuals . For some couples , this marriage greatly marks a new life or a new beginning . In to fully understand the context of marriage , three couples will be interviewed with regards to their personal experiences . The first couple is already married for more than 30 years , more specifically for 34 years . The second couple is already married for more than 15 years while

the third couple just got married a year ago . By understanding three different point of views or experiences regarding marriage , the challenges lessons and greatest joy of a married life can be tracked from its early years until the longest possible time it could last

The first couple , June and Bea Rebong , has been friends for almost 5 years , and then they began dating for 2 years . After that June proposed to Bea for a marriage , which the latter happily accepted . After 34 years of being married to one another , their experience and the time they spent together are greatly reflected on their gestures during the interview . June Rebong softly holds his wife 's hands and supports her during the entire interview (considering that Bea has osteoporosis

Bea Rebong tearfully tells that sometimes , she feels that she is just a burden to June . Bea is a sickly person , and she already had so many illnesses where June Rebong had to take care of her . Most of the time June was the one doing the chores and aside from taking care of Bea , he also took care of their three children . Nevertheless , June smiles and says that he feels happy whenever he takes care of them . Somehow , these two couples are able to alter a difficult situation into a favorable one . At first , June had to scold Bea for sticking up to her pride and resisting June 's help even if her body is already too weak . But after years of being together , somehow , they both learned to meet halfway through regular conversations and dedication in understanding one another . According to them , the biggest lessons that they would never forget would be the time when both of them settled a dispute by praying solemnly to God . They asked for forgiveness and good health for Bea Miraculously , they are still alive and strong , despite some illnesses up to this moment

The second couple 's story is different as compared to the first . Elmo and Rose Aguilar have been married for more than 15 years . Recovering from past mistakes and heartaches are some of the big challenges which they have faced . Both of them had failed marriages in the past , and experienced a lot of heartbreaks from different partners before they met each other . At first , they were not hoping for a very long relationship They only tried their best to understand each other and try to compensate for the lack of the other . They...

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