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Marlboro Cigarettes (CSR)


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Thesis Statement

Marlboro cigarettes has not responded to the importance of Social responsible by developing and implementing socially responsible sustainable , strategies and practices

Although Marlboro was directed by law makers and authorities to take actions in to limit their marketing strategies and define measures to reduce sale of cigarettes to teenagers , but so far , the company has not been able to take any concrete step or action regarding these directives . Although the company plans to implement one of

the worlds largest marketing plans in line with corporate social responsibility however , nothing practical has been to date


The purpose of this report is to basically look upon to the matter of corporate social responsibility hat tobacco companies have towards the environment and the consumer . For this report , we will specifically target Marlboro , a renowned cigarette brand that is marketed by Phillip Morris . In this report we will see what Phillip Morris has done in to assume , realize and act upon its corporate social responsibility along with the argument on areas where it still does needs to work in to assume its responsibility to the fullest

The report will start with a brief introduction of the company , Phillip Morris , followed by a brief paragraph of information on how bad is smoking for health and what are the diseases that generate in a human body due to smoking

Phillip Morris

Phillip Morris is an international company that markets tobacco products...

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