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Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants

Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants through efficient application of the 4Ps of marketing . The four Ps are price , product , place and promotion (cited in Kotler Keller , 2008 . Marketing managers can make use of the 4 Ps to manipulate consumer needs and wants because consumers are not always aware of their own needs . Therefore it is left to the marketing manager to determine what needs are hidden and then to develop the products that would satisfy those needs . In this manner , the marketing manager creates both fresh needs and wants . For example

computer users did not know that they needed a graphical user interface until Microsoft introduced the concept (cited in Hill Jones , 2007 . In this case the need was user-friendliness in operating computer applications . By identifying this need , Microsoft created Windows which created the consumer want . Consumers wanted Windows to satisfy their need for user-friendly computing experience . This example serves to illustrate that the marketing manager can certainly shape consumer needs and wants . He can do so by collecting information about the market and by forecasting future market demands based on this information

Collecting information about the market takes place through market research . This information enables the marketing manager to conduct market segmentation effectively . Market segmentation facilitates target marketing . The marketing manager shapes consumer needs and wants through the process of target marketing . The four Ps serve as the tools with which to conduct target marketing . In Microsoft 's example , the product was given the features of a graphical...

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