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Marketing Strategy: Attitudes and Factors Towards Giving to Charity in Aberdeen, Scotland

Marketing Strategy : Attitudes and Factors Towards Giving to Charity in Aberdeen , Scotland


According to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR , there are currently over 16 ,000 charities in Scotland , with 583 working specifically in the Aberdeen area . The majority of charities are local they work in a community or local authority area . Today only 9 of charities have activities that cover the whole of Scotland and 8 cover the United Kingdom and overseas . The Scottish Executive Response is actively promoting charitable actions as a means of promoting community

br interaction and solidarity (The Scottish Executive Response , par . 1 It is hoped that through this course of action that the role of charity in every day life will change and enter into a new age of giving

Further research into the suggests that key elements of marketing strategy need be applied to a charity as part of its mission and pursuit of competitive advantage just as it would in any other business strategy . This required looking into the attitudes and factors that influence giving to charities at the general level . As a result the literature varied in sources between British , Canadian and American studies . This research also suggests that due to economic issues throughout these countries , that charities must work harder to understand its target patron and use business tools larger corporations may use to sell their organisation effectively (Bruce , par . 1 Specifically , Sarah Hall writes , Methods of fundraising remain so unsophisticated that spontaneous donations - generated through such old-fashioned techniques as tin-rattling , door-to-door collections just do not work and the system is in great need of modernization . Her research digs deeper to hypothesize that much of the reason Britons do not give is because of this lack of planned donations . Ian Bruce discusses that charities in Great Britain need to have a wide range of learning strategies in place to ensure skills develop (p . 2 ) therefore sparking creativity in the process . As much a marketing structure begins with talent , ingenuity and thinking outside the out way of doing things , it also begins with knowing its targeted audience or the patron (Miller Whitney , 1999

This will focus on the techniques that make up market strategy for Aberdeen educational charities like Aberdeen Student Charities Campaign Use of integrated marketing communication or IMC should be used to achieve this goal . This will look at how IMC and other marketing tools such as Customer Relations Management or CRM (in this case patron will replace customer ) and new technologies like e-marketing are used as a marketing strategy . IMC as a concept encompasses the use of tools like advertising , public relations and direct marketing in different types of media (Tri-Media 2005 . It can be seen as a trend that as charities start a more aggressive and innovative edge , more charitable action is taken nationwide . It happened at Fettes in Edinburgh . Much is this new thinking is inspired by witnessing how American schools are fairing in tough economic times (Vass , 2004 , par . 5...

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