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Marketing Cell Phone Safety

The proliferation of cellphone usage are like selling cigarettes . Why Due to the fact that whenever you sell tobacco , the label always say that it is hazardous to your health . Yet companies still sell their products without any concern or remorse that their product might be the linchpin to a customer 's health depletion . With this in mind , marketing ethics comes into play . Nowadays , cellphones are crucial within the life of a person throughout the day . It is a must that he has to have his cellphone because its the most portable and

convenient way of remote communication . Yet some people are quite sensitive and disturbed that radiation and carcinogenic effects . There 's always a trade-off whenever technology complements you . Cellphone companies don 't really ponder the health hazards of their products . What 's funny about this is , some people never really bother with the health hazard it poses whenever one uses a cellphones . In to scrutinize the risk of cancer for a cellphone user , a cooperative project between countries has been launched called Interphone . Most companies urged these countries to come up with such project that would be for the betterment of the companies and consumers . This means some cellphone companies are still adhering to the very core of marketing business ethics . Business should be a mutual matter . Whether you are the consumer or the capitalist , both must maintain a healthy relationship that would complement each other . A cellphone user must always bear in mind that whatever technology he grasps there 's always a hazard if used excessively . The company should do their part as well . They should educate cellphone users whenever their usage is more than enough . As technology progresses and data demands have increased on the mobile network , towns and cities have seen the number of towers increase sharply , including HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /3G " 3G towers which work with larger bandwidths . The rise of networks ignited protests over health concerns of which examples can be seen from headlines around the world : locals pulling down base station masts , or even , in some countries , physically attacking installation crews , communities lobbying against the rollout of cell networks , protest banners , demonstrations near hospitals , houses and local schools . Companies don 't want this , as well as consumers There must be a mutual relationship between the two parties in to address the primary concern which is promoting the use of cellphones amidst its health hazards

Why would one bother to use a cellphone if it poses a health hazard in the first place ? The answer is simple , sometimes people are stubborn enough to ignore these hazards . Companies should promote the use of cellphones in an apt manner wherein they would know when their use of their cellphone have exceeded . A company should always state in a cellphone user 's manual the limitations and hazards whenever they use their cellphones in excess . The use of cellphone pose occupational hazards as well . Not only direct cellphone users are at risk...

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