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Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit

Executive Summary

The has been written with the idea in mind that a marketing executive has been appointed for TESCO company where the executive is to look at all the factors that affect the marketing strategy of the company . The company has been facing the problem of creating a proper structure of the marketing strategy that they would use for the company 's products

The main concept of the is to understand the problems that are being faced by the company along with the factors that are required in

br to analyze the marketing strategy of the company . The will use a as well as support the facts that have been written


First appeared in 1924 , TESCO PLC is a UK-based leading grocery and general merchandising supermarket chain enjoying fourth position among the world 's largest retailer . Apart from its specialty food sector , its merchandise includes books , CDs /DVDs , household appliances , household equipment , flowers , wine , apparel and similar consumer goods

According to size and products offered , TESCO 's UK stores are divided in five formats : TESCO Extra , the larger , out of city hypermarkets offering complete range of TESCO 's products TESCO , the standard outlets TESCO Metro , Mid-sized superstores TESCO Express , the smaller neighborhood convenience shops and One Stop , the smallest of the line It also endorsed its non-food only warehouse style outlets with the brand name of TESCO Homeplus which it launched in October 2005 on trial basis

TESCO has proved to be very successful in judging the technological shift of the last decade and in shaping itself according to the emerging trends . It makes a significantly large profit from its on-line sales site - TESCO .com . TESCO also owns fuel stations and provides financial services : a joint venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland enables it to offer life insurance and general insurance (home , car , pet , and travel credit cards and advantageous loan and savings schemes

On the global canvas , TESCO is positioned among the major player of the superstore sector . It is well established in Ireland , Central Europe including Poland , Slovakia and the Czech Republic and Asia (Thailand South Korea , Japan and China . In its homeland , its hold on the British market got even stronger , after it acquired one of its competitor T S Stores 2003

In 2004 , it achieved a record breaking growth of 9 in sales in UK alone and similar results were expected form it its current market value of ?24 .58 billion because of its expansion outside the United Kingdom 1 . As the year 2006 ends , TESCO was the fourth largest retailer in the world The three largest are Wal-Mart , Carrefour and Home Depot 2 . METRO was only just behind and might move ahead again if the euro strengthens against the pound , but METRO 's sales include many billions of wholesale turnover , and its retail turnover is much less than TESCO 's

At 25 February 2006 , TESCO operated 1 ,897 stores in the UK (2 .395 million m , 25...

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