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Should Marijuana be legal (exploratory essay)





Marijuana , a renowned variant of the plant Cannabis Sativa (Goode 1 continues to blossom and grow as it is often showered with issues and controversies . Marijuana 's seemingly (infamous ) reputation has been the of many intense and heated debates . For many of marijuana 's supporters and acclaimed believers , marijuana is not an ordinary plant that can easily grow in one 's backyard . It is best described as a miracle plant ' due to its ability to heal and create therapeutic effects . As a matter of fact

, several medical practitioners support such claims . Some would even prescribe marijuana for different kinds of treatment . On the other hand , the outright opposition and counter-attack often emanate from many law makers and other members of the community such as the school , the church and concerned parents . For them marijuana is a harmful substance . The effects of what others perceive as wonder plant ' are devastating and life threatening . Given this situation at hand , there is a major question that has to be answered and readily addressed , should marijuana be legalized or not

If marijuana is proven to be a potent medicine or treatment , then perhaps it would be too unfair to prohibit the use of such drug . If such plant can lessen the sufferings of humanity due to certain kinds of ailments and chronic diseases , to deny them of marijuana use also translates to denying their rights to live a healthy and normal life . In the meantime , if the plant is also prone to producing addictive effects that can harm one 's health and at the same time affect their attitudes and behavioral patterns , legalizing its use would place society in very romising situation . Society is an organized and systematic structure . Therefore , one of its duties and obligations is to ensure the safety of the majority . However , to actually reinforce and encourage the use of such substance is tantamount to euthanasia , or even mass murder at the extreme . Therefore , which ever actions are favored and implemented , the only thing that is certain is that it would create a major impact into the lives of many individuals . The concerns of the state and the welfare of the whole community would have a different face and the laws governing the land shall be readily redefined

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA , in 2004 alone it is estimated that 14 .6 million Americans , starting from age 12 and above have had marijuana intake ( NIDA InfoFacts : Marijuana . In that same year , it is said that approximately 6 ,000 Americans are using marijuana in a single day ( NIDA InfoFacts : Marijuana . Indeed , the popularity of the said substance tends to increase . What is surprising or alarming for that matter is that even children are now fast becoming aware of marijuana and whether it is plain curiosity or enthusiasm , a single truth remains -that marijuana is readily utilized by the succeeding generations - that youngsters now have an easy access to this drug

Since their exposure...

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