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Managing Cross Cultures (China & U.S.A)


With the latest innovation and technology , people around the world are interconnected . In just a click away , everything seems easy to access . Communication is within one 's reach . Nations globally share knowledge and information . Building relationships and stronger ties among states of different backgrounds is possible as countries learn the basic cultures of their partner nations

As interconnections worldwide increase , we experience daily situations that require our interaction with the other countries across the globe . Some activities that we do in our country may not be applicable to other

nations since countries in general have cultural differences . Values , norms , rules and styles of doing things vary and sometimes uncertain about their effectiveness whenever used in other nations . Because of these , we struggle in understanding communication patterns that we need to adopt in better interaction with our neighboring countries

Researchers around the world have already made studies in identifying cross-cultural differences of various countries particularly in compliance training or issues that relate in understanding cross-cultural differences in interpersonal differences (e .g . Blickhan , Glance McBain 1988 Burgoon et al . 1982 Miller Reynolds Cambra 1983 Neuliep Hazelton 1986 Shatzer , Funkhouser Hesse 1984 . These studies were used to identify basic cross-cultural differences in the selection of strategies that may be useful to a particular nation

But the question lies on how well we know the people in the other side of the globe . Can certain guidelines be set to have a better interaction with them ? Cultural barriers are part of the glaring cause of misunderstandings because different countries have various beliefs traditions and behavior . What we consider as a normal activity in our daily living may have some varied effects on the cultural beliefs of other countries . Other countries may look at them as something negative or holy based on the early teachings of their ancestors . The historical beliefs have been passed on to generations and up to this day some are being used as points of reference in decision-making and how interaction with other people is being portrayed

A number of studies have addressed cultural issues and assessed the nature of strategies within public forums (Bruschke Wiseman 1992 Glenn , Witmeyer Stevenson 1997 Renz 1987 . Studies , in particular , analyzed the strategies used in negotiations and arguments in the international and public debates with regard to the application of interpersonal communication

Other researches dealt with conflict management in relation to cross-cultural comparisons . Some researches were even burdened in applying categorical schemes made by U .S . to other countries based on their existing cultures . Recent researches focused more on particular distinctions that has an effect on cultural differences (Ma 1990 Ting-Toomey et al . 1991 . Issues relating to conflict management allowed the opportunity to look into perspectives that were culturally biased . Society , culture and tradition are broad s to discuss , but this will try to look at the simplest forms of creating an overview on how can we manage cross-cultural differences as we look into two countries that have great influence to the world as...

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