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Running Head : Knowledge Management in IBM


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Knowledge Management has been a well known term recently . Large companies have stated that its practice have helped them save millions of dollars and increase effectiveness of daily operations . Nevertheless there are differences in how KM is implemented in organizations Judgment of the quality of implementation can only be measured by the extent of success and costs saving generated by the practice of KM

In this , I

am briefly exploring the practice of KM implementation in IBM , one of the oldest and most respected technology companies in the world , which is also known for being the first that take KM seriously and adopted it within its management system

Knowledge Management in IBM


According to several experts in the field of Knowledge Management (KM KM is a relatively new business model or a new branch of the entire science of business itself , which involves knowledge creation codification , sharing , and how these activities enhance the learning process in organizations . It is considered the real competitive advantage of a firm because it represents something that was gained from internal experience of people in the organization as they perform their daily working activities

The idea is that we actually generate knowledge as we go about our daily routines at work , and KM is a system that is trying to capture that knowledge somehow and then share them with all components of the company , or the components that might find the knowledge relevant to help them in enhancing qualities of their work (Desouza , 2005 , Edvinson 1997

Recognition of the importance of KM has been growing at a rapid rate in most international industries . Corporate leaders believe that it is a profound concept that if developed continuously will generate gradual cost savings and quality enhancements which will otherwise be discarded to waste . Amazon , Microsoft , Dell , and most of the biggest and most competitive companies in the world have practiced KM and currently still allocating experts to study enhancements of its application in their systems . IBM is also considered one of the oldest and best practitioners of KM in the technology sector Corporate Background

The discussed , applied and studied in IBM is 13 this year . This puts IBM as one of the early adopters of the relatively new and aggressive business concept . This is no surprise considering IBM has been noted a front-liner of the industry since the 19th century . Today , after a decade of business selling computer hardware and software , providing infrastructure services , hosting services and consulting services in areas from computer mainframe to nanotechnology , IBM is the world 's largest computer company , with 350 ,000 employees worldwide and with more technological patents that any other US-based technology company . The company won various international awards , some of them includes three noble prizes , five national medals of technology and the KMWorld 's Reality Award in 2005 (`IBM Annual Report , 2007

Reasons of Implementing KM...

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