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Management and Organisational Behaviour

Chunka Mui and Larry Downes suggest that strategic planning will be replaced by "digital strategy " They make the argument that business change originates with technology -- particularly with new computer-based products and services that transform industries , the way American Airlines ' SABRE system transformed travel . Top management must formulate digital strategies (software and digitally delivered services that not only support business but also actually dictate how business is done

The planning process is rational and amenable to the scientific approach to problem solving . It consists of a logical and ly series of

br steps . Strategic planning sets the stage for the rest of the organization 's planning . The tasks of the strategic planning process include Define the mission Conduct a situation or SWOT analysis by assessing strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities and threats Set goals and objectives Develop related strategies (tactical and operational Monitor the plan


Providing leader is becoming an increasingly important management function leading is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals which is the responsibility of the manager Leading means creating a share culture and values , communicating goals to employees through out the organization , and in fusing employees with the desire to perform at a high level . Leading involves motivating entire department and division as well as those individual working with the manager

These behavioral theories of leadership sought to explain the relationship between what the leaders did and how the employees reacted both emotionally and behaviorally . Yet , behavior can 't always account for leadership in different situations . Thus , contingency theories of leadership studied leadership style in different environments Transactional leaders , such as those identified in contingency theories clarify role and task requirements for employees . Yet , contingency can 't account for the inspiration and innovation that leaders need to compete in today 's...

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