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Paper Topic:

Management Information Systems

Running head : MIS

Management Information Systems How can information technology help with firm-level strategy


Information technology is in itself an organization over the intelligent machine and understands the organizational strategy in accordance to its formulation . The firm-level strategy is the business objectives for making good of the organization and to fill its aim to sustain development . Information technology provides enough mechanism to implement the firm-level strategy in its system and operate accordingly It would take care of the various objectives of the firm and ensure efficient communication among the

business counterparts for achieving the objectives of the business


A closer examination revealed that the biggest benefit accrue to companies that adopt an identifiable cluster of business practices (Brynjolfssor , 2003 . These practices found to be related to the implementation of technology itself , or involving change in the organization of information work (decision making rights , incentive systems , hiring , and training

First step to start with , all organizations must first understand who their customers are , what they value , how the organization plans to create profits by providing this value and how to deliver that value in a way that the competition cannot mimic (Burg , W . D Singleton , T W , 2005 ,


According to Burg , W . D Singleton , T . W (2005 , most organizations use one of three approaches to measure IT value such as traditional financial measurements (return of investment (ROI , ownership (TCO , qualitative method (information economics (IE ) or even arguing that IT benefits are intangible (no way...

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