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Management Behavior

Running Head : Management Behavior

Management Behavior

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Management Behavior plays a vital role in employee 's productivity and performance . Some of the unhealthy management behaviors , management actions against employment laws and useful strategies for building a diverse work environment are determined below

Unhealthy Behavioral Management

Intentional Decision : Some of the managers try to implement new system rather than complying with the organizational policies which create hindrance for employees to perform their

duties as per company policy

Traditional Taunting Practices : Many managers feel much confident in their performance and underestimate their subordinates by passing comments like `John is lazy ' which deter an employee to work with dedication and the same results in less productivity

Negative Personality Assessment : This is the act of close minded managers who negatively observe and comment on employees ' personality based on their overall get up and communication attitude which creates controversial situation as employees too argue on such comments

Psychoanalyzing Arguments : It has been the practices of some managers who degrade employees by passing some touching words like `Alex might had been hated by his parents due to which he is not liked by anyone , these strong words make employees emotional and let them make just one decision and that 's `resignation

Ineffective Interaction : It is the responsibility of a manager to keep continuous interaction and follow-ups in to complete the project works well on time failing which employees can face...

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