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Malfunction Junction Case Study

Malfunction Junction Case Study

Would you anticipate that the officers ' workload would be reduced or increased under the

COPPS strategy

COPPS or Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving is an arrangement that helps to address the persistent and long terms factors that affect crime and disorder (Peak , 2010 . These are two different strategies that have to be integrated in a proper manner . COPPS is mainly organized to solve problems related to crime , improve the quality of life by reducing crime , and reduces the fear of the citizens that is developed from

crime (Glensor , 1996 . The various steps in COPPS include :-

Identifying community problems

Analyzing them

Response to the source of such problems

Assessment and evaluation (Peak , 2010

In actual sense , and as a misconception , people are under the view that COPPS can be implemented by having more policemen do foot or vehicle patrol , implementing a number of police stations , etc , and often the expectations from such measures may be unrealistic in nature (Glensor 1996 . However , to move into the COPPS mode , there are certain difficulties that need to be achieved :-

Change in leadership and management - new principles , mission , goals objectives , basic values , etc of the agency would change and should align according to the aims and objectives of COPPS

A lot of effort should go into management styles , evaluation , planning allocating resources , arrangement of finances , etc

Greater commitment , development of policies , creates an environment conducive to change

The entire implementation and planning of COPPS would not be simple and...

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