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Make a case for what you consider the most dramatic scene in the play


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The Swordplay of Hamlet and Laertes as the Most Dramatic Scene

in William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

Dramatic scenes in plays are of natural occurrence whether the play is a satire , a romance , or a comedy . Such scenes almost always points to the climactic scene that either solves the conflict or makes it more complicated and which leaves the audience in bated breath . But whether the play is a light-hearted genre or a romantic one , those which are of tragic in nature are almost always

the ones which presents the best dramatic of scenes . And who else presents the best tragedies than that of the greatest playwright himself , William Shakespeare ? Shakespeare has created the best comedies and tragedies that the literary world has to offer and since he has so many great plays linked to his name , there can be not just one , single play which can be considered as his best tragedy or his best comedy . From Othello to Macbeth to Romeo and Juliet , tragedy after tragedy have left a mark in people with famous lines , famous characters and famous plots . One of these tragedies that have left a mark in the literary world is Hamlet , the Prince of Denmark wherein revenge , murder and death are of inevitable events

Hamlet is the young prince of Denmark who tries to find out the murderers of his father and avenge his father 's death . Through supernatural events wherein the ghost of his father visits Hamlet and tells...

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