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Make-up Artist

Makeup Artist

Subject : client name

Format : MLA

Summary : 8 pages

This explains the profession of makeup artistry in depth and sheds light to its pros and cons along with explaining my interest in the field

Since the dawn of civilization , one has always perceived of occupations that would give satisfaction . With passing time , occupations have changed a long way . Today the glamour world is one of the important aspects of the urbane society and the industry has a lot to offer with its own array of jobs . In this

world there are jobs right for the top notch models to the directors , the technicians , to the camera crew , the photographers and even the event co-coordinators . But there is a job that actually is very responsible for the glamour industry to work in fact it can be called the lifeline of the industry as without it glamour won 't be glamour . This job along with being the oxygen of the glamour world also personally lights up my desire for an occupation and is known as `makeup artistry

The basic definition of this job is to make people look good . This job needs a lot of patience and creative endurance to do different kinds of make up on people of different genres and walks of life . It all supposedly begain around the 1930 , when this make up artistry began to be recognized as before those cosmetics were scarce , and actors would spend huge amount of time before being made up . The man behind the industry can be considered Cecil Holland , who was credited as the man of a thousand faces , and was highly recognized then . Makeup artists are never in the limelight and that is why the basic impression of them never exists . People when they look onscreen or when they see ramp shows , they always admire the beautiful models or their dress

designers , but nobody actually thinks about the makeup done on these models . For the other people to look gorgeous , makeup artists work long hard hours and never get appreciated from a viewer audience . This is a job of working for the fame of others but largely no will know about you . If you have done excellent work or even the routine good work , the viewer audience will never say a word in appreciation , but if somehow the makeup messes up , then there will be large crowd to criticize and say that the makeup artists hasn 't done justice with his subject . The impression that I have for the job is very simple it is basically a job that works more for others fame and name than yours . But this is an occupation that I have adored for a very long time as , for me it would not only give me my bread and butter but it would give me immense satisfaction to completely involve myself in a creative field of my liking . This job though it might look simple is actually not of what it is basically presumed...

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