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The Madonna in Renaissance Painting

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Madonna in Renaissance Art

The movement of religion is Renaissance and applies to most of the art work being created during this time period . Michelangelo 's Sistine Chapel depicting God giving Adam the spark of life is one in which the core of religion is epitomized in art . There is the revelation of power in the gathering the ephemeral being and the mundane human , and in the color palate being manipulated in the painting the subtle tones and the attention to

chiaroscuro is what gives the painting a very Renaissance feel . The following essay will examine the part of the Madonna in Renaissance art through analysis of certain famous paintings during this time period

Juxtaposed with this thesis is da Vinci 's , Madonna of the Rocks , which emphasizes the high Renaissance in its fluid movement with the body 's movements emphasized with the background shows the sophistication of da Vinci in use of color and his famous sfumato (which is an effect on the painting giving the background a `smoky ' type of feel . The background is trapped in a whorish swirl of ambiguous shapes , but the foreground delivers to the viewer the type of brilliant colors expectant of this Renaissance master . Here , the bodies are not flaccid in quality as in Michelangelo 's work , but very vibrant in their actions , and strong . The angles of the body direct the viewer 's attention to the action while the pointing arms and hands direct the viewer 's attention from Mary to the children , to Christ . This movement allows the viewer to go from that pivotal point on canvas to the faces of the children

The comparison between these two works of art resemble the expression of emotion which has not been done so fully , nor so intently in these two time periods of the Renaissance (including Mannerism ) and the high Renaissance (with Titian

With the Renaissance attention to body angles and emotion , this period offers a bit more attention to space and color as is seen with da Vinci 's chiaroscuro effects in Madonna of the Rocks . The emphasis on this painting by da Vinci is about the contrast of light and dark . The viewer is exposed to a very young John the Baptist and Christ the child who resembles the cherubs used in Renaissance art . The form of the body is full of baby fat and the skin , while having the tonal qualities of Baroque pieces still harbors the darker contours of perhaps the future of the young man (John 's beheading . The shapes used are reminiscent of the Renaissance in the body 's muscular tone , yet relaxed stature and the use of space of the classical Greek contrapposto , in the line curving from the lifted arms - from Mary 's to John 's to Christ- the supporting arm , the line of the back , to the bend of the knee in the foreground

Another rather interesting depiction of Madonna in the Renaissance was during...

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