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br Macbeth , Act Two Scene 1 1 . At the beginning of Act Two , how does Banquo show that he is already on guard and fears for his life At the beginning of Act Two , Banquo is clearly uneasy . He admits to Fleance that he senses there is danger and that he has been having trouble sleeping . We later learn that this is because he has been dreaming of the weird sisters . When he hears someone approach , he immediately grabs his sword and demands to know who is there 2 . What sign

do you see that , even before the murder , Macbeth is losing touch with reality Macbeth shows that he is losing touch with reality by beginning to imagine things before he has committed the murder . He imagines that he sees a dagger "Is this a dagger which I see before me , The handle towards my hand , and although he knows that this is an hallucination he takes it as a sign . The image of the dagger then changes to one which is covered in blood (Line 32 )Scene 2 3 . In Scene 2 , why is Macbeth still in possession of the murder weapons Macbeth still has the murder weapons as he claimed he heard a voice calling that "Sleep no more ! Macbeth does murder sleep " before he had a chance to dispose of them (Line 34-5 ) He also claims to have heard the drugged guards cry out and was troubled when he could not answer 'Amen 4 . What happens to the...

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