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MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management admission statement

My personal and professional academic experiences have shaped my career goals for the future because I already foresee myself in the profession that I always dreamt of . I see myself working as a successful (insert name of ambition here . My confidence is also at its best because I was able to succeed in my previous educational degrees and I look forward to my future with more career opportunities at hand . I am armed with the right knowledge and experiences plus the MSc in oil Gas enterprise Management degree that I will be receiving

in the future . Nothing will interfere with my success because I am driven with the right passion to survive

Everything that I aim will be use for the benefit of other people and I believe that it is through service and commitment that a man achieves fulfillment . My future goals will be made possible by the MSc in oil Gas enterprise Management program because I will learn more things aside from the ones I 've learned from college and from my MBA in International Business degree

Everything that a man wishes to happen comes at the right time and with a great purpose . I believe that this is the perfect time for me to make all my dreams a reality come true . I am rest assured by the vision of this program and I will do my best to grasp every lessons taught in class . After this program I will be a promising professional who is ready to compete globally

After all that has been said and done , I look forward to the many days of studying at (insert name of university here . Being enrolled in the MSc in oil Gas enterprise Management program is a privilege for me because I will be completing a degree in...

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