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MIS (website)



Executive Summary Communication technology has developed rapidly , boosting the development of different communication devices in the global communications industry . One of those contemporary communication devices is the IPTV network . Currently , JumpTV has been the greatest representative of the technology due to its wide global market . JumpTV has developed rapidly and gain a lot of attention from both customers and observers . The sustainability of the IPTV technology itself however is still questioned due to its high cost structure



In this age , people

might say that information is the most important commodity of all . From this sentiment , we have developed various means of delivering information to various segments of the community , from the low quality ones until the high quality and real-time information (McLuhan , 1964 . Television for example , can now be transmitted through the internet using various forms of networks . In this I am discussing the presence of JumpTV , a Canadian-based IPTV company which has developed rapidly in its markets


By definition , Jump TV or also called the NeuLion Inc . is an IPTV company providing technology and services for sports and international content owners . The company is one of the largest companies in the world providing streaming services to worldwide customers . It provides aggregators and content owners with technology solutions for transferring content to various platforms , using browser-based utilities . The content can then be viewed in computers and television using a NeuLion Set Top Box . The company provides services to 200 international television channels...

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