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br Abstract The aim of this study is to determine two things , specifically , whether there is a relationship between materialism and positive affect , and whether materialism has a mediating effect on the relationship between wealth and positive affect . It is hypothesized that when not considering income , materialism would be negatively correlated with positive affect , and income would be positively correlated with materialism . It is further hypothesized that people who are materialistic and have a higher income will score lower on positive affect

The study involved 307 participants (185 females and

122 males ) from the public population . The mean age was 33 .06 years (SD 14 .84 Participants were required to complete the Positive Affect and Negative Affect Schedule and the Material Values Scale . The results from the study showed that positive affect correlates significantly with income However , the said results also showed that income has a negative correlation with materialism . The results also depicted that there is a negative correlation between positive affect and materialism , but a positive correlation between positive affect and income .Examining the relationship between materialistic values and overall positive affect Positive affect in our world today does not necessarily involve the greatness of the material possessions one has . Therefore , the question remains as to the real relationship between positive affect and material wealth

Positive affect is the extent to which an individual feels enthusiastic active and alert (Watson Clark , 1988 . The characteristics related to positive affect include confidence , optimism , and self-efficacy likeability , and positive construes of others sociability , activity and energy pro-social behaviour immunity and physical well-being effective coping with challenge and stress and originality and flexibility . All these attributes share the characteristic that they all encourage active involvement with goal pursuits and with environment Positive affect produces the tendency to approach rather than to avoid and to prepare the individual to seek out and undertake new goals (Watson Clark , 1988

Positively balanced moods and emotions lead people to think , feel and act in ways that promote both resource building and involvement with approaching goals (Lyubomirsky King , 2005 Elliot Thrash , 2002 . An individual experiencing positive affect or emotions would encounter circumstances that he or she would interpret as desirable . Positive emotions signify that life is going well , the person 's goals are being met , and resources are adequate (Carver Scheier , 1998 Clore et al 2001 . According to Fredrickson (2001 , individuals with positive affect take advantage of their time in this state , free from immediate danger and unmarked by recent loss , to seek new goals that they have not yet attained (Carver , 2003 . In addition , it is posited by Csikszentmihalyi (1999 ) and Van Boven (2005 ) that happy people who experience a preponderance of positive affect tend to be successful and accomplished across multiple life domains . Happiness is linked to successful outcomes . This is not merely because success leads to happiness , but because positive affect engenders success . Positive affect , the hallmark of well-being , may be the cause of many desirable characteristics , resources and successes correlated with happiness

High levels...

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