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A person deciding to create a family has to weigh carefully all the advantages and disadvantages of both married and single life . Both have their bright sides that naturally come with a downside . Looking at these pros and cons , most people will conclude that single life is more suited to youth , while married life is more acceptable to the middle-aged people and those older . While the threshold after which married life begins to see more appealing than single existence is individual for every person , most people will

admit that after a certain age they felt that creating a family became one of their priorities . As a married woman who will soon celebrate the 24th anniversary of her marriage , I believe that marriage has a unique value . On my part , I never regretted my choice to get married at 19 and as I grow older , I begin to see more advantages of married life

What attracts adolescents so much about being single ? It is in the first place the freedom one has over one 's life . When family ties are absent a person can easily relocate , change jobs or make up one 's mind for other sharp changes in the life course . In case of a career change , a possible drop in income is not a serious problem if one is prepared to bear the burden . On the contrary , someone with a family to support will have to consider the impact such a decision will have on the well-being of the whole family . Relocation also turns into a serious undertaking because the spouse has to look for a new job , the children will have to change schools , the house will often be sold , and so on

However , married life will provide a person with emotional support that is such a great help in meeting ups and downs of life . For all the value placed on friendship , friends also have their own lives to care for , and their input in an individual 's will always be limited . Besides , as we grow older , we are likely to drift apart from the parental family . Our spouse and children will then serve as a prop , helping us in the difficult moments of our life and sharing our joys . Over the course of my married life , I can remember so many instances when even a brief talk with my husband in the evening relieved my worries . The freedom and carelessness of single life disappear in marriage , but when you begin to care for others , in a happy marriage you are rewarded by enjoying their care in return

The most important advantage of marriage to me is the possibility to start a family and have children . Although more and more women decide to have kids out of wedlock , I support this opportunity only for those who really fail to find a suitable partner . It is not the immorality of illegal child-bearing that I am concerned about , since sexual intercourse outside of marriage...

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