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M6 ENGLISH Coursework


An Analysis of a Film Adaptation of William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet





An Analysis of a Film Adaptation of William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet

Discussion Questions

1 . Individual Reaction - Discuss the poetic text of the play and any problems you may have had during your reading . Answer : Romeo and Juliet ' has been translated for numerous times from the Old English language to contemporary one . These translations were made due to the difficulty in

understanding the language Shakespeare used in writing his play . This is also the exact reason why I find some parts of the play hard to understand . Although the language is simple , it is primarily based in Old English . Some passages and expressions are no longer being used the period of the story is also a factor . The play was written during the Elizabethan Age . The exchange of dialogues among the characters represents the anarchical state of the English society during the said time

2 . The Use of Coincidence in Writing - Discuss the use of coincidence in the play , citing as many examples of coincidence you can find . Answer The use of coincidence in the play serves as a way for the characters to meet and interact . The most salient coincidence is perhaps the accidental meeting of Romeo and Juliet in the party . They are members of two rival families and yet twist of fate let them fall in love with each other . Other example of coincidence , but in a more unlucky sense , is the accidental death of the two lovers because of miscommunication . They were not supposed to die but twist of fate seems to have interfered also in their love affair

3 . Themes in the Play- Discuss the themes of love and hate , youthful hastiness , seeming versus being , and adult meddling and interference Answer : In the play , love and hate was portrayed as two absolute and extreme entities Perhaps they could be considered as two inseparable things . Hate was given life by the rivalry of the Capulet and Montague families . However , amidst hate , love springs . In addition to that youthful hastiness is also one of the themes in the play . The tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet 's love affair is said to be a product of their being hasty to get be together and get married . Seeming versus being can also be portrayed using the theme of love . Love , for Romeo and Juliet , seems to be full of happiness well in fact , love is all about being willing to sacrifice . Finally , meddling and interference of parents is also salient in the play . In fact , it is not only Romeo 's and Juliet 's parents who meddled with their love affair . It is the members of the Capulet and Montague clan who opposed their relationship

4 . Film Director 's Choices- From your viewing of the film , discuss how the director invents action to suit the lines of dialogue . Discuss how the choice of...

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