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Love and Affection







Love and affection are human characteristics that always one cannot do without in their lifetime . Most often we have heard people talk about love and affection expressing how they cannot wait to see people related to them in special way . In reality people do not know exactly what they express . Jersild (1957 ,

.67 . What is love and affection ? Some faithful say it 's the greatest commandment of God . Others say love and affection are emotional characteristics that are in

all animals . We choose to describe it philosophically that it is the ultimate process of change from pain and despair . Love and affection sometimes are cynical but reality shows that it is essential . Rony Roberts of Love and Marriage says 'Love is a word with many definitions . Love is how you make another person feel when you are in their presence . Love is a commitment thus you commit oneself without guarantee giving oneself completely in the hope that it reassures the other person

Affection , devotion , respect , trust , desire , warmth and passion are all expressions of love which is exhibited by all . Affection is expression of concern , care , and assurance symbolizing unity calmness security protection , comfort and approval as elements that work together for one common goal in a relationship . Some people say sex is an expression of love and affection . Affection is usually expressed as an emotion internally and a phenomena acting physically . One has to have an independent mind to choose...

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