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Love between Husband and Wife

There are no unhappy marriages , only marriage partners who are immature ' A dictionary definition of maturity is full development of the mind , body and spirit . Most people fail to qualify at this count . One has , to a greater or less degree , immature sides in him . In the area of emotional maturity a person has to be able to rely on himself , take responsibility for his own actions , know that what happens to him is not half as important as what he does about it , and learn from every experience he undergoes . One

of the basic traits of a mature person is being able to control his emotions whatever they may be , and not let the emotions control him

Maturity is one of the mot neglected areas in a relationship . Some of the greatest marital problems arise in this area causing the break-ups of even the finest Christian marriages . Spiritual and emotional maturity should always be integrated . If one person in a marriage continues to function at an immature level where his or her inner child of the past in still in control of his or her emotions then he has the tendency to remain on the same level . It is only when the emotional level is dealt with will this issue be resolved

Extending Common Courtesy toward Each Other

Courtesy and manners are a grace that should be part of every person 's life , but in this dying generation there seem to be a dying art . Love inside marriage should always incorporate courtesy towards each other Wives who would like to be treated like a queen should treat her husband like a king . Being thoughtful to each other and showing love and affection make a lot of difference

Sometimes , it is the little things that help cultivate a good loving...

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