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Lord of the Flies

NOT The Lord of the Flies has always been identified as an allegory of man falling from grace . In this case we have boys left on an island with no adult supervision . First there was isolation , grouping , and efforts at maintaining the conventions of a well-ed society . Left on such a primitive state , Golding reemphasized the Darwinian theory of the survival of the fittest . Strong personalities asserted themselves over weaker ones and temporary allegiances are built up to temporarily avoid a clash between the strong which was bound to happen , nevertheless p

The first chapter of Golding 's masterpiece sees us through a relatively peaceful regrouping of lost kids the establishment of a hierarchy and awareness of primitivism . Traces of adherence to conventions were still evident and sincere efforts towards civilized restraint were apparent notwithstanding Ralph cavorting on the waters . The main antagonist Jack , who in the end reverted to extreme savagery , was no exception While exploring the island with Ralph and Simon , they chanced upon a piglet caught in a tangle of creepers , Golding related that Jack immediately drew his knife with a flourish but knowing the enormity of what he was about to do , did not push through with the killing (21 When the other boys asked him why he didn 't , Jack responded "I was going to ! I was choosing a place . Next time-- (22

That was Jack in Chapter One . Later...

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