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Literature Review of Battered Womens Syndrome


The Battered Women Syndrome

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The battered women syndrome is one of the main causes of severe psychological and physical distress in women all over the round . To some women , the battered women syndrome is not accorded the seriousness it deserves since many of its victims are ignorant of the syndrome or they refuse to admit to the circle of progressive abuses . The purpose and thesis of this , is to critically evaluate the battered women


There exist many studies concerning the battered women syndrome in an effort to try and enlighten the primary victims , who are women and ensure that they take effective measures for their well being . Studies show that , the battered women syndrome manifests itself in women who have been victims of more than one circle of domestic violence (Aldarondo Kantor Jasinksi , 2002 . For example , it is intriguing to find women staying in abusive relationships for a long time despite the implications of the abuse manifested in both physical and psychological traumas by their `attackers . This found out that , for a woman to pass for the battered women syndrome , she has to have experienced about two full circles of abuse which are vital to make a sound conclusion regarding the way forward for the victims (Ruth , 2000

In many cases , the battered women syndrome is characterized by repeated physical abuse usually by a spouse and the abuse usually follows a definitive pattern . Studies...

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