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Literature Review of Online Banking

Running Head : Online Banking

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Literature Review

Definition of Online Banking

Owing to the great importance that banking plays in the development of any economy , it has become critical for financial service providers included banks , credit organizations , and /or unions , and building societies to seek for ways to make banking services not only affordable bur also accessible to their clients (Botha , 2008 . Accessibility has become an even more important issue given that the way people conduct there affairs

has changed drastically over the years . Technological development and advancement has been especially a critical force in shaping how banking is done . While the traditional bank had branches spread over areas where people had to physically report to for banking and other financial services offered by such organizations to be offered to them , the current trend is fast moving away from that towards a situation where the banking is done from the comfort of one 's room , car plane , or any mother place one might be . All this has been due to the development of online banking systems that have come in with the development of the website and the internet (Minir , 2004

Online banking , also referred to as internet banking , is essentially a type of banking where a bank , building society , credit organization , or any other organizations or association dealing in financial and /or banking services allows its customers to carry it all or some of their banking transactions over the internet...

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