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Human Expression : The Influence of Art on Life

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Human Expression

The Influence of Art on Life

The need for human beings to connect and to communicate seems innate if they were not , mankind would not seek out others with whom to forge bonds . One of the basic forms of human association is via communication , and the ways in which humans have learned to communicate are as varied as the individuals involved . A quick glance into any history book will reveal that

during the early periods of humankind 's existence , while people struggled to keep themselves clothed and fed they took time to create works of art - be it on the walls of caves or via carved figures . As modernized as our society has become , art remains an integral part of the means by which humans communicate and relate to one another

Alfred Jensen 's series The Number Paintings (2006 ) looks at how the artist used Pythagorean theory , the Mayan Calendar , and other numerical systems as well as Goethe 's color theory in his work ' but this of the exhibit is devoid of the complexity that is present within Jensen 's pieces and the ways in which they may touch a viewer (Joy , 2006 , Alfred

The painting Demonstration VIII (1961 ) was my favorite piece from The Number Paintings (2006 , but my attachment had little to do with math or Mayans , and while I admit that part of my being drawn to this piece was due to its colors , this had far more to do with personal preference than with Goethe . I made a connection to this piece because it reminded me of some of my favorite childhood things : pie and crayons . Admittedly this reaction is less-than sophisticated however , the fact that I made these initial connections with Jensen 's piece caused me to spend a good deal of time examining it , and once drawn to the piece , the numerical sequences and their meanings fascinated me

While Jensen may have set out to create an artistic commentary on clockwork ' circumference ' and diameter ' this would have been meaningless to me had I not been drawn to the pie shape and the colors of the piece . It seems then , that one element of the way in which people manage to communicate (i .e . to express themselves and to be understood ) is through similarities in taste : in this case , the primary factors were shape and color

Elizabeth Murray 's series Paintings 2003-2006 (2006 , are vibrant abstractions , sometimes of figures and everyday objects , combined to create visual metaphors of the world around us (Joy , 2006 , Elizabeth This statement was easier for me to attach myself to than was the statement regarding Jensen 's exhibit . The regarding Murray 's show gave me permission to enjoy what I saw while gently seeking a connection between each piece and the way I view the world . I found myself particularly fascinated with Muddy Waters 8 :05 A .M because of...

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