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Literary Essay of Shirley Jackson “lottery”


By : Shirley Jackson


Who would ever imagine that a community of supposedly civilized people would take time out once a year to draw lots on who they should hit with stones ? The story of The Lottery , written by Shirley Jackson , is a metaphorical reference to a hyperbolical fiction . Symbolisms triggered the theme of the story through the black box the village itself Old Man Warner and Mrs . Tessie Hutchinson - as they unfold the practice of a weird tradition


The people in the village gather

every June 27 , at ten o 'clock in the morning for the yearly lottery . An energetic townsman , Mr . Summers conducts the lottery in the town square - with every villager present The men as head of the family each draw a slip of from a black box that has served the lottery for so many years . The men will simultaneously unfold the slip simultaneously . The head of the family that gets the marked ' slip will call his entire household to draw the second round of the lottery . And the one member of the family that gets a slip with a black dot , is the one designated for the year to be stoned


Blindly following a tradition deprives the ability of a civilization or mankind to evolve the rationalization of such tradition . Without evaluating as to the applicability or logic or soundness of a practice of a society will hinder the development and progress of its citizenry


Any transition of civilization , any society is still encapsulated or boxed within a certain norm or tradition or practice that belies the change in times . It is either through a perception of sanctity or fear of the unknown or complacency to change or obstinacy to realignments of substance and relevance - that society and /or mankind generally or specifically will constrain evolving from a well kept tradition . Thus as the black box symbolizes

The black box grew shabbier each year : by now it was no longer completely black but splintered badly along one side to show the original wood color , and in some places faded or stained ' The villagers have completely closed their minds about change

And when complacency becomes embedded , the rigors of analyzing a tradition is definitely taken for granted . The components of a society living blindly by a tradition will not even be aware as to where and when and how such practice really came about and its future destiny They just leave it as something that is routine and just to go on and get over it whenever the time to observe the tradition has come Therefore , the black box became the point of reference of tradition taken for granted

The rest of the year , the box was put way , sometimes one place sometimes another it had spent one year in Mr . Graves 's barn and another year underfoot in the post office . and sometimes it was set on a shelf in the Martin grocery and left...

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