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Literary Analysis of Rita Dove`s Poem, `Grape Sherbet,`

Grape Sherbet ' by : Rita Dove

I think this poem is a great one , but also complex The Author , Rita Dove tells us of a certain day with her family , that obviously was a special day for her . But , there are a couple of lines in this poem that are mysterious , and kind of leave you not knowing what she 's meaning . You can tell she had a good childhood , and fond memories , especially of this particular memorial day with her family

She talks about the taste of lavender and sherbet , a

taste that she thinks was wonderful , and yet it seems that for some reason was almost unattainable . Now , whether that is because the ingredients were expensive or rare , one is not so clear on that , but I think Rita Dove is really trying to put down her words very thoughtfully , like she wants the readers to know how she felt that day

She also seems to have wrote this for her father . At least that is a guess on this poem . At the end , she does talk to her father , as if it were just a letter for him Or , it might just be a poem in tribute of her father , and how his secret recipe of a special treat left a mark on her so much so that she felt she needed to write about it and share this particular story of this day

Memorial Day that year seems to have stood out for her Was it because the family was together ? Was it because it was one of her favorite holidays ? Or , could it be that she just wanted to savor the smells , tastes and emotions that Memorial day felt for her so we the readers could share in it with her

She talks about the family 's meal , obviously outside cooked on a grill . Then , her father appears with , as she states , `his masterpiece , `swirled snow , gelled light` . Now , I assume that she is talking about sherbet . It 's not too clear with this sentence , so I can only guess , since later in the poem she 's talking about sherbet

Obviously this 'swirled snow , is definitely a treat and loved by her and her family , for she writes in here that they cheer when her father brings it out for them to eat

She goes on to tell that this recipe her father carefully made for them is a secret and he fights his pride obviously when he sees them all so happy and well d for this treat . She says he 'fights a smile . Now , one wouldn 't think that a father that has just presented his family with a treat that obviously they love , would be ashamed . No , it has to be because he doesn 't want anyone to see how happy he is that they are so excited that they cheer him and this incredible delight of a dessert . That if he does , he feels as if that would make him seem to...

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