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Literacy Case study


Literacy Case Study


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Literacy Case Study


Literature serves as a repository of human experience . The possibility of such is evident in the personal and political character evident in the creation of a literary work . Such a character is present in the process of creating a literary work . The literary work may be depicted as an artist 's compilation of thoughts

and ideas formulated into a coherent whole . The process of formulating such is spearheaded by the artist 's acquisition of language through the socialization process Socialization occurs at the formal and informal level . The formal level is generally characterized by the acquisition of the syntactical and semantical rules of a language . Such a process occurs during a child 's education . The acquisition of language , as well as the development of the interest for a particular language may occur during the early part of a child 's socialization process with the family . The family serves as the main element for a child 's acquisition of interest for particular styles or one may even state for particular literary genres . Hence , a child who has been introduced at an early age to fairly tales may have a taste for the fantastic and the supernatural . At the same time , a child introduced to personal narratives may develop an interest for personal narrations

In lieu of this , what follows is the result of literacy case study conducted with a peer /classmate . The study opts to present an analysis of a peer 's literacy level though the analysis of his /her reading and writing skills . Such an analysis involves the assessment of the individual 's personal views to the reading and writing process and the relation of these views to the individual 's assessment of his literacy level


The methodology employed for this case study involves a one on one interview with a particular peer /classmate . The methodology used enables the interviewer to assess the literacy level of the interviewee in terms of conversational language . Such an assessment enables the interviewer to consider the interviewee 's communication skills , which mirrors the interviewee 's self-perceived competency of his literacy level


This case study was conducted with a classmate [Ali] . Several questions were posed which considered Ali 's socialization experience in terms of language acquisition . The study shows that an individual 's literacy level increasingly develops throughout the life span because of the continuous stimulation of various stimuli that necessitates the individual 's continuous use of his reading and writing skills . In Ali 's case , this is evident , as he perceives literature as the focal point which enabled him to develop an interest for the other subjects during his junior year . In relation to this , his later years of development [specifically that which is situated within the University] mirrors his literacy development . Ali 's development has shifted towards...

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