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Literacy for Adolescence Education

RUNNING HEAD : Literacy Education Literacy for Adolescence Education

Introduction Education is provided for all , it is our federal government 's promise that education be accessible to everyone . But what if a student is not able to learn or has difficulty acquiring knowledge ? They are then given the opportunity to attend a remedial class so that they can cope up with the lessons . But what if the student is not actually illiterate or in need of remedial classes but only needs a little help in adjusting to the current lesson plan ? This

is what Mike Rose realized as he worked his way through his own schooling and later on as an educator

During his early education , Mike Rose was not a straight A student nor did he stand out among his peers , his early school life was quite ordinary . In Lives on the Boundary , he recounted the difficulties he encountered as a middle class immigrant family but how education and his encounters with some of his teachers had freed him and enabled him to venture out into the world (Graff , 1994 . He eventually graduated with a bachelor 's degree from Loyal University and earned a graduate fellowship with UCLA

Rose argues that students stuck in remedial classes are not necessarily there secondary to lack in intelligence but because of lack of support from a social and economic standpoint . He goes on to question standards used in evaluating intelligence and calls for a change in the standards for a more equalized opportunities...

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