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1. List the five attributes of oral style and explain how oral style is different from written style.

Running head : MARIO CUOMO

Speech Analysis of Mario Cuomo 's Keynote Address

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Speech Analysis of Mario Cuomo 's Keynote Address

Rhetorical speeches have been the instruments of many world leaders in expressing their advocacies and also in publicizing their agendas for the society . It is thus a very useful advantage that leaders learn to give their speeches in the most moving and thought-provoking ways . By being masters of public communications , they can also become masters of people 's hearts

and emotions . Such leaders have existed throughout history , sages and kings and philosophers of ancient civilizations have even soften the hearts of men trying to kill them by mere words spoken in a very effective and alluring manner . Therefore , it is appropriate to learn and practice the art of speaking through the oral style of speech . Speeches can be written or oral in style . Nevertheless , the most memorable speeches usually comprise of the oral style of speech . The reason for this preference is due to the less formal characteristic of the oral style to the written style . Since the oral style is less formal , it provides leeway as to how certain points are delivered to the audience thus , making it more personal in nature . Such personal tone of the oral style establishes the intimate relationship with the audience through the use of many techniques such as the use of personal pronouns , simple language structures and repetition . Furthermore unlike the written style , the oral style includes more superlatives (http /www .sheltonstate .edu . Through the means all of these methods of oral style , the speaker tends to bring himself close to the audience and also conveys an implied equality and same sentiments as those of the audience

The oral style also differs with that of written due to some attributes that speeches of this style possess . These attributes are stress rhythm , intonation , speed and voice modulation (Malshe , 2006 . These different attributes contribute much on the style of the speaker . They matter as much as a guitar matters to a musician . Stress is the relative force or loudness given to a word or group of words to imply emphasis (Fisher , 2006 . Stress is used in speech to express the importance or the emotional build up in the message or point the speaker wishes to impart to the audience . It gives the listeners a hint that the stressed groups of words or sentences are very relevant and are to be remembered However , rhythm is the controlled or measured flow of movement and prompts balance of sentences and arrangement of words (Microsoft Encarta , 2006 . Thus , it gives a speech the flow and organization needed in to possess clarity . Rhythm also helps the listeners to move with the speaker 's thoughts . Intonation , on the other hand , is the rising and falling of the pattern of speech (Encarta Dictionary . It is often equated with pitch . This gives the audience variety in the speech they are hearing . Without the...

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