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Light and Lighting

Light and Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design . It refers to the use of light , natural or artificial , as a decorative element in designing a structure (Gordon , 2003 . It gives a house its highlights when viewed from the outside . If lighting was not considered when creating a house , the structure will look like a body without its soul An interior designer looking at the lighting of a house should not only consider the orientation of the house (north , south , east , or west - facing ) but also the furniture around

which will also be affected . The client 's conditions should always be respected in planning . One can make a creative lighting plan when he /she could combine the lighting principles and the client 's wants

Below is the proposed plan for lighting and electrical equipment coinciding with the proposed space plan already submitted . Switches for all the lighting fixtures have a ' symbol

The wife wants to deal with the kitchen first as this is her primary reason for redesigning the floor plan . As seen in the lighting plan , 3 lights are in the kitchen in to illuminate the place adequately Pendant lighting was chosen because it can give task and general lighting for the house . Two ambiance transition pendant lights can be found above the prep table and nook . This is placed so to accentuate and set the mood of the nook and also provide ample light in the prep table where meals are prepared . One big...

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